Talking Points

Summary 1

Canopy is the story of an unlikely African-American man who has lived a fairytale life – a storybook upbringing, a soul-mate marriage, a successful career and family – and what then happens when he dares to put it all on the line to pursue his dream of becoming an artist.  Will it ruin his marriage?  Will his family understand? Will he find the balance between the two or does one dream have to destroy the other?

Summary 2

A talented, thirty-something, African-American man is torn between the obligation to pay back a debt for his privileged upbringing and his desperate passion to be an artist.  When his wife, soul-mate, and co-creator discourages him from producing “the idea” of a lifetime, he realizes that he alone must tell his own story and that, in one way or another, he’s always been telling it.

Major Themes

It is also. . .

  • a love story that asserts that the best part of a relationship happens after “boy gets girl.”
  • a love story that takes place in the midst of the Atlanta music renaissance of the late 90’s.
  • about a charmed boy who heroically pursues the American dream on his own terms.
  • about what happens when a common goal within a relationship is no longer all that common.
  • about two beautifully complicated and passionate women, a mother and a wife, who are uncompromising in their defense of their values.
  • about defining, redefining, and re-embracing what it means to be diasporically Black, African-American, and American, all at the same time.
  • about telling your story.

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