PoMo Griot Productions

The People of PoMo Griot 

Established in 2011, PoMo Griot Productions is a privately owned Georgia based LLC whose mission is to produce commercially-successful, theatrical motion pictures representing a nuanced and complex array of images from modern African-American life.

PoMo Griot Productions has at its root two words: PoMo, an abbreviation of post modern, and griot, (/grēˈō/) a French word for story-teller.  In this present iteration the two words come together to create a commitment to telling contemporary multicultural stories.

PoMo Griot emerges as part of a new wave of filmmakers providing alternative imagery to the monolithic representation of African-American life in dominant media.  With the success of art films like I Will Follow, Gun Hill Road, Kenyariwanda, Pariah, and The Middle of Nowhere, a new age for Black film is upon us.  Furthermore, companies such as Tyler Perry Studios (Good Deeds), Rainforest Films (Think Like A Man) and Lucasfilm (Red Tails) are also demonstrating that Black content is commercially lucrative.

In light of these two phenomena, PoMo Griot aims to:

  • Produce high-quality, low budget (under $3M), commercially viable films about African-American life, with specific focus on the black middle class.
  • Depict “round,” three-dimensional African-American characters that portray a spectrum of personalities and world-views, from the heroic to the mundane.
  • Pioneer marketing strategies for selling African-American films to both black and non-black audiences.
  • Position African-American stories as millennial chapters of American identity

We at PoMo Griot Productions believe we are equipped to make art that not only meets the above objectives but challenges the conventional wisdom that black movies are for black audiences.  Our commitment to modern modes of storytelling, millennial stories, characters and music, and innovative marketing will draw a broad audience across typical demographic boundaries.  Our goal is to emulate the cross-cultural success of films like High Fidelity, (500) Days of Summer, and Garden State.

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