People of PoMo Griot

PoMo Griot’s founders reflect the company philosophy through both their personal and professional work experience.  Their combined cultural experience – Canadian, Caribbean, African-American, middle class, and immigrant – complements their professional experience: music, theater, production, arts administration, fundraising, and education – to create a unique and talented management team.  Having lived at the intersection of many worlds, Okorie Johnson and Heather Infantry are able to communicate with audiences across race, ethnicity, class, and geography and have infused their company with this world view.

Okorie Johnson: Founder, Producer Screenwriter:

 Okorie Johnson brings the best of his three careers to PoMo Griot.  Okorie began his professional career as a fundraiser for the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta.  There he learned the importance of “the ask” and “the story,” and has used both to successfully raise the development capital to advance PoMo Griot to this point.  During his tenure at United Way, Okorie was also forging an unprecedented career as a contemporary folk-rock-soul-jazz cellist.  Having played with national acts like India.Arie, Okorie brings to PoMo Griot a wealth of honed creativity and contacts that provide a unique equity in the company.  Aside from also being a produced playwright, Okorie taught literature for the past decade at Landon School for Boys and Westminster Schools.  His academic knowledge of literature and film, bundled with the skills from his other professional and creative investments, has given him the perspective and the opportunity to tell rare and engaging stories, birthed through a competent and informed production process.

Heather Infantry: Project Manager, Fundraising and Marketing Strategist 

Heather Infantry brings to PoMo Griot a superior aesthetic sensibility – developed from her years in theater – which is complemented by a business and organizational acumen acquired through 15 years of work in non-profit administration.  Presently working as a Director of Development for Emmaus House, Heather provides oversight for PoMo Griot’s fundraising and communication strategies.


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