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After living in a state of anxiety for the last year that I had written a script whose budget would be a foreboding $4 million or more, this Christmas I got the gift of certainty and had my script professionally tagged, scheduled, and budgeted.

And the number that helped tether this dream to the immovable bedrock of reality is – drum roll please. . . . .


All of you, I assume, are exhaling – some out of relief and others in horror.  But let me assure you that this was a great relief to me.  This is the budget of a medium non-profit, the one year’s salary of a low level celebrity or athlete, the sum total of a medium company’s bonuses, the cost of Yo Yo Ma’s back up cello – in other words, doable.

And here is my plan for raising it.


I have assembled a team of experienced business individuals who are in the process of helping me with three things: a candidate list of potential investors, a strategy for approaching these candidates, and a process for refining my pitch.  Some of these individuals have committed to help broker meetings for me and others have simply committed their enduring mentorship as I get on the road to sell equity in the company, Canopy LLC.  Through their support I have access to the knowledge and the experience to raise this money.  I will formally launch this branch of the project in November of 2012.

If you are interested in being an investor, please email me at so that my financial team can set up a meeting with you.


The donations that I receive through PoMo Griot Productions will initially support my facility to court investors.  And if those gifts exceed the budget necessary to court and pitch – materials, travel, meetings – the balance will go to the bottom line of the project at Canopy LLC.

Right now, I will be driving traffic to my website to get supporters to donate.  Perhaps in the future I will use a crowd-funding resource like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo to raise money; however, as success on those sites is dependent upon one’s ability to drive traffic to them, it is more strategic at this point to send potential donors to  Just like that.

In Kind Donations

Right now the Budget considers every possible thing for which I would have to pay – salaries, wages, equipment, insurance, food, lodging, permits, editing, music licenses, etc.  After hiring a creative Line Producer – essentially the Chief Financial Officer of the production – we will be able to forego many of those costs by getting things and services donated, thereby lowering the overhead as we raise capital.  This is a major goal of the independent film producer, and will be a major commitment of this production once we start shooting.

If you have any other questions about how the money will be raised for this project, please send an email to

Thank you for your support, and let’s make a great American film.


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