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Recently, I have been telling people that I am not just making a movie.  Instead, I say I am making a great American film.

Sure, I want my project to be entertaining, but I am also trying very hard to tell an ambitious story about freedom, love, art, and courage – a rare but necessary story in these uncertain times.

However, I need your help to tell it.

Over the last year, family and friends have been very supportive.  But in 2012, I will need their support and yours!  I have had my script “broken down” which means I now have a schedule and a budget – in essence, a concrete plan to get the film made.  Even more, I have completed my business and marketing plans for the film and the company.  I will spend the next 8 months feverishly raising money so that I can begin principal photography in June of 2013, and I am planning on releasing Canopy in the Summer of 2014.

In order to do all of this, I need your financial support.  Your gift will help me to complete the legal, accounting, and production tasks necessary to tell this story, and will get me in front of donors and investors that can fund this vision.  Your support convinces others that there is a movement behind this effort worth investing in, and your gift will ultimately allow me to tell an American story about an African-American community that we rarely see but want to know.

Donate today!  Help make Canopy a reality and help me to tell an important story about an American Dream.


Okorie Johnson

Interested in being an investor?  Get details about the financials for Canopy here

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